Difficult and Spectacular: Sepak Takraw and the Christian Life

When I was in college I played a fair amount of ‘Soccer-Tennis,’ but Sepak Takraw takes it to a completely different level. In the video above, you see players doing bicycle kicks that are full backflips! This is the equivalent of a spike in a game that combines the “no hands” restriction of soccer with the game-play of volleyball and the acrobatics of kung-fu. Read more of this post

For Better or for Worse: The Real Christian View of Marriage

Wedding rings

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Call me a sap, a romantic, a bleeding heart. I don’t care. Coming down off the emotional high of my anniversary (yesterday) is a slow process.  I love my wife, I love being married, and I  love reflecting on those two facts. But our anniversary was also a chance to reflect on something else…the slightly uncomfortable fact that I am, in a very real sense, an anomaly. Read more of this post

Christian Walmart and the Paradox of Choice

I am sitting here in Starbucks with some of my favorite baristas when I hear Jennifer say (mocking a drive through customer) “Aaaaahh…too many choices!”  It’s a common phenomenon apparently: people flustered in the drive through because of the myriad of coffee options presented to them.

Have you ever noticed Read more of this post

Moonwalking with Jesus

Nonfiction - 100s - April 2011

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I recently finished reading the clever and thought-provoking book Moonwalking with Einstein. A non-fiction piece about Joshua Foer’s journey from eccentric journalistic interests to the U.S. Memory Championship, Moonwalking showcases not only the author’s story but also his journalistic fascination with facts. In one notable chapter entitled “The End of Remembering,” Foer details the path from a human population of memorizers to the world of ‘external memories’ we live in today. Read more of this post

Be True to Yourself?

If we can learn about our culture from anywhere–what drives us, jives with us, and inspires us–we can learn it from McDonald’s.  Masters at marketing their products, McDonald’s keys in to the human psyche to get our business. So as I drove down the freeway in West Michigan on my way to Chicago, two identical McDonald’s billboards advertising an iced mocha caught my eye. Their message: “Be cool to yourself.” Read more of this post

Generation Next: To be, or not to be…

I was sitting outside PF Chang’s waiting desperately for the little buzzer to light up in my hand when my wife told me something that made me cock my head to the side, “Did you know Read more of this post

Unqualified reflecting

I am sitting here, in my office at midnight, still not entirely sure of why I am doing what I am doing. What I am even less sure about is why you should read what  I am writing. Read more of this post