Unqualified reflecting

I am sitting here, in my office at midnight, still not entirely sure of why I am doing what I am doing. What I am even less sure about is why you should read what  I am writing. I am currently a seminary student, training to be a pastor. Not even a pastor yet. I am 24. I have been married for all of 2 years. I have very little experience in the life about which I am supposed to be reflecting. Many of you (if there are any of you) probably have a pair of trusty (and probably crusty) socks older than me. Why would you want to spend your precious time reading the randomly selected thoughts of a young buck like me?

I don’t know.

What I do know is I have to write. I have to write because if I don’t, my ever patient wife will drown in a sea of ideas and reflections for which I have little outlet besides her. I am completely unqualified to offer most of you reflections, or evaluations, or advice, but I trust that wherever God calls, God equips. So I am going to write.

And that is something important about me. I am a Christian, and I can’t talk about life without running it through the sieve of my faith. It is the lens through which I see the world. I can’t separate myself from it. Not for a second.

In fact, the very fact that I am a Christian gives me the guts (meager though they are) to write this blog. Sure, I am unqualified to offer my evaluations of life. But part of my Christian faith is an understanding that I am unqualified for a whole lot more than that. I am unqualified to be one of God’s children, but I he lets me call him Father. I am unqualified to preach God’s Word, but God manages to pour something out of this pitiful pitcher. Being unqualified is part of my very identity.

So being an unqualified for this? Par for the course.

3 Responses to Unqualified reflecting

  1. Patricia Bossman says:

    Just a little adage (because it’s true)
    “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.”
    Blessings, Patricia Bossman >

  2. Kyle:

    We are all unqualified whether we know it or not. Some people know it and admit it, others internally know it but will never admit it, while yet a few believe they have all the answers. I guess that’s why we are all human and all in need of a savior.


    • Edith Brooks says:

      My Dear Kyle,

      You know that I love you dearly, and what you think and write matters to me. Of course you are unqualified in many ways. We all are. May I share a thought that I recently read–I don’t remember where. “God is more interested in what I am than what I do. That’s why we are called human beings, not human doings”


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