How to Teach and How to Learn: Discovery and Authority in Western Culture

It was hard not to smile watching my friend Dave’s baby girl waddling around the worship center at church on Sunday. Up and down the rows of green cushioned chairs, she picked up pens, lint…whatever she could get her hands on. Cooing as she explored the new universe of New Life Church, her eyes were alive with discovery.

Discovery is a powerful teacher, not only of toddlers, but also of adults in today’s Western culture. Read more of this post

Leading through Change: Back to School with the Bee Eater

Sometimes I wonder how Heraclitus could have claimed that change is central to the universe. I mean, how could the philosopher who is credited with the line, “You cannot step twice into the same stream,” not have realized that change seems to cut against every grain in the human psyche? I know, I know…we are constantly changing whether we like it or not.  I read somewhere that of our trillions of skin cells we slough off about one million a day (and that’s without exfoliating!). But I have yet to meet anyone who really, honestly enjoys change. Read more of this post

In Defense of Regret

What do you regret? When I was about 6 years old, with a head so hot it could steam milk, I threw a claw hammer at my brother’s head. I missed…but I regret throwing it.  Of course, there are plenty more serious things to regret. Some of those more serious things have touched my life, and yours. Read more of this post

Meaningless Mumbling vs. Restorative Ritual

In the span of just two days, I went from sitting in Mass in a small country parish to being on a satellite campus of one of the largest Christian gatherings in the world.

The Roman Catholic rituals in the former were in full bloom–the priest in his vestments, carefully orchestrating the service, diligently preparing the Eucharist, and painstakingly cleaning up the crumbs. On the other hand, the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, with around 160,000 attendees worldwide, was quite informal. Speakers wore street clothes, and vocalists danced around on the stage as the panoramic screen behind them displayed scenes of cotton-ball clouds and running water. Read more of this post

How God Affects Your Portfolio (Part 2): Giving Someone Else’s Money Away


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The Nuremberg Laws were announced on September 15, 1935. Hitler’s government issued this hair-raising, grotesquely racist legislation which denied, among many other things, the right of Jews to marry Germans. The Confessing Church, which had broken away from the established state church due to an excess of state influence, held a synod shortly thereafter. A pastor named Dietrich Bonhoeffer thought this would be the perfect opportunity for the church to stand up against Hitler’s National Socialists.   But they did and said absolutely nothing. Read more of this post

How God Affects Your Portfolio (Part 1): Fear, Idolatry, and the Money Market Mantra

Dow Jones Industrial Average

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“Stocks plunged Thursday in their single worst day since the 2008 financial crisis,” reported CNN Money yesterday.  The article continues, “The Dow tumbled 512 points — its ninth deepest point drop ever — as fear about the global economy spooked investors.”

Now, I have been told by businessmen, financial advisors, and stock-market gurus to buy low and sell high. I am no expert, but it seems like the people who are selling after the plunge has begun, even after it has erased all of their gains for the year, are ignoring this advice.  The question I have then is, “Why do the experts often not follow their own advice? Read more of this post

What If Hitler is in Heaven?: Finding Faith at the Eleventh Hour

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...

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My friend Ryan sent me an interesting email the other day that got me thinking. He asked a question about ‘last minute conversions’ and wondered why Christians get so bent out of shape thinking that someone may have lived a life incredibly far from God and yet be saved at the last possible second of their life.

If you think it is a petty and prideful position…you may be right.  But before you cast judgment on the Christians who judge these conversions as insincere, double-dealing, or unjust, consider the classic WWII dilemma: Read more of this post