Pithy Post: When the Ashes are Washed Away

On Ash Wednesday, and during the whole season of Lent, Christians around the world remember their mortality. Today, many of us remember it by putting ashes on our foreheads. It evokes that famous passage in the Bible:

For dust you are
and to dust you will return.
We remember intentionally and communally what we all know personally each time we lose a loved one. Our world is broken, we are broken, and we will break.
But are Christians just a bunch of morbid mood killers? No. We sit in the reality of our ashes so that we can fully celebrate it when Christ washes them away. Lent ends with Holy Week! Lent ends with Jesus taking on our mortality, donning our ashes for us, dying on the cross, and then raising from the dead on Easter day. Lent ends with Jesus washing away our ashes in the cleansing water of baptism.
Lent ends.

2 Responses to Pithy Post: When the Ashes are Washed Away

  1. hstroo says:

    Excellent explanation, Kyle! Phoebe just asked me this week, why do we celebrate Ash Wednesday? I had to pause. She knows it kicks off Lent. She knows we give something up and the sacrifice is a constant act of remembering and drawing near to Jesus. Phoebe totally gets into this. She gets the whole season of Lent and its various layers–“but what’s on your forehead, Mom, and why did you do that?” And then later . . . “you’re going to wash that off before we go to the art museum, aren’t you?” Too funny. I assured her there would be others at GRAM bearing ashes. And there were. Your post is right in the Stroobosscher family lane. Photos are fantastic too!

    • kbrooksy says:

      Thanks for your comment, Heather! There are so many layers to Lent and Ash Wednesday, but I’m glad to be able to highlight a piece of it. I’m glad it met you where you’re at!

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