Pain and Authenticity

Well, about an hour ago I was playing basketball and tore my hamstring. I was on a fast break, and it felt like two very evil and very tiny men were pulling on a rubber band from my knee and my hip, and the thing just snapped. So here I am, laying on my couch with my leg over the side and thinking, “I’m 24! This type of thing should only happen to men twice my age!” But four Advil later, I at least feel good enough to write this little blog.

Pain is a funny thing. Read more of this post

Leading through Change: Back to School with the Bee Eater

Sometimes I wonder how Heraclitus could have claimed that change is central to the universe. I mean, how could the philosopher who is credited with the line, “You cannot step twice into the same stream,” not have realized that change seems to cut against every grain in the human psyche? I know, I know…we are constantly changing whether we like it or not.  I read somewhere that of our trillions of skin cells we slough off about one million a day (and that’s without exfoliating!). But I have yet to meet anyone who really, honestly enjoys change. Read more of this post