Why Are You So Busy?

Especially at this time of the year, when the academic world revs its engine, students, teachers, and parents have a ready-made answer to the typical “How are you?” question. “Good,”  (insert smile that shifts seamlessly into a knowing look of concern), “but super busy.”

The typical American today strives to be as attractive as the models on fashion magazine covers, as successful in work as Bill Gates, as sensitive a spouse and parent as Ward and June Cleaver, and as death-defyingly healthy as Lance Armstrong–all while maintaining the inner peace of the Dalai Lama. (Barnes, The Pastor as Minor Poet, 92).

Sound like anyone you know? Does it sound like you? Sometimes I think it certainly sounds like me. Read more of this post

Be True to Yourself?

If we can learn about our culture from anywhere–what drives us, jives with us, and inspires us–we can learn it from McDonald’s.  Masters at marketing their products, McDonald’s keys in to the human psyche to get our business. So as I drove down the freeway in West Michigan on my way to Chicago, two identical McDonald’s billboards advertising an iced mocha caught my eye. Their message: “Be cool to yourself.” Read more of this post