Pain and Authenticity

Well, about an hour ago I was playing basketball and tore my hamstring. I was on a fast break, and it felt like two very evil and very tiny men were pulling on a rubber band from my knee and my hip, and the thing just snapped. So here I am, laying on my couch with my leg over the side and thinking, “I’m 24! This type of thing should only happen to men twice my age!” But four Advil later, I at least feel good enough to write this little blog.

Pain is a funny thing. Read more of this post

In Defense of Regret

What do you regret? When I was about 6 years old, with a head so hot it could steam milk, I threw a claw hammer at my brother’s head. I missed…but I regret throwing it.  Of course, there are plenty more serious things to regret. Some of those more serious things have touched my life, and yours. Read more of this post