Pithy Post: Nietzsche and the Bible on Complaining

Although I don’t agree with all of Friedrich Nietzsche’s conclusions, he sure had some brilliant insights into the human heart. This is one is about complaining:

“A drive to find causes is powerful in [the human being]: it must be somebody’s fault that he’s feeling bad…Even his ‘beautiful indignation’ does him good; all poor devils like to whine–it gives him a little thrill of power.  Even complaints, the act of complaining, can give life the charm on account of which one can stand to live it: there is a subtle dose of revenge in every complaint… (The Twilight of the Idols, § 34)

Complaining is, according to Nietzsche, a kind of revenge. It is a way of gaining power over some person or institution that has a certain kind of power over you. But according to Paul, Read more of this post