The Hunger Games, Dionysus and Medusa: The False gods of Entertainment and Security

I know, I know…it’s been more than two weeks since my last post. But if you knew that I was traveling in Turkey and Greece for the last fortnight, you might cut me some slack. In fact, my travels have awakened some things formerly dormant in my brain, and I’m hoping that I can generate a few thoughtful posts out of the experience. So consider this the first installment in my debriefing….

By far the most spectacular ancient site I visited during the last 14 days was Ephesus. Read more of this post

Difficult and Spectacular: Sepak Takraw and the Christian Life

When I was in college I played a fair amount of ‘Soccer-Tennis,’ but Sepak Takraw takes it to a completely different level. In the video above, you see players doing bicycle kicks that are full backflips! This is the equivalent of a spike in a game that combines the “no hands” restriction of soccer with the game-play of volleyball and the acrobatics of kung-fu. Read more of this post