Pithy Post: Drudgery and All Its Benefits

I just finished reading one of the most exciting chapters in one of the most intriguing books I have ever laid eyes on.

The chapter: On taking useful notes

The book: A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations by Kate Turabian.

Ok, perhaps not the most exciting read. In fact, it was downright boring. But since I have started my Master of Theology degree and I’m starting to write major research papers, it’s necessary. As I trudged through the material, I couldn’t help but realize that what I was reading was important. And that makes it even more frustrating. Dull material is the stuff you want to skim. But if I did I would suffer for it later. If I don’t learn a good note taking system, I might accidentally misrepresent an important source or worse…plagiarize.

And, lest this blog start reading like A Manual for Writers, enough on note taking.

It strikes me that note taking takes discipline, as do so many important things in life. If you want to achieve soccer superstardom, Read more of this post

Difficult and Spectacular: Sepak Takraw and the Christian Life

When I was in college I played a fair amount of ‘Soccer-Tennis,’ but Sepak Takraw takes it to a completely different level. In the video above, you see players doing bicycle kicks that are full backflips! This is the equivalent of a spike in a game that combines the “no hands” restriction of soccer with the game-play of volleyball and the acrobatics of kung-fu. Read more of this post